Camouflage Santa Claus

Camouflage Santa Claus

One year Santa was almost seen by a child. He worried so much about this, Mrs. Claus made him a very unique Santa Claus suit of Camouflage. Find out what happens when he puts the magical Camouflage Santa Claus suit on and steps in front of a Christmas Tree!

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When you buy Camouflage Santa Claus (only offered in paper, not digital yet) a wonderful childrens book witten by Sharon Kizziah-Holmes, Michael Edging and Betty Edging, with vivid illustrations done by Stephanie Witte you get a bonus!

That’s right, in the back of the book you’ll find a full length CD featuring Camouflage Santa Claus, the song, written and performed by singer, songwriter and cowboy boot maker to the Nashville stars, Bo Riddle. Bo also tells the story.

AND Christmas Songs For You, by singer and one of the authors of this story, Sharon Kizziah-Holmes (Skiz!). Christmas songs for you features fourteen wonderful, triditional Christmas songs.

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